The End Is All We See

Two tales of bravery and perseverance, containing M.F. Wahl’s award-winning Purple Haze. Things are never as they seem.

From the mind of M.F. Wahl comes a horrific tale of struggle and loss you won’t soon forget. In the award winning Purple Haze, a crash landing on an uninhabited alien planet strands Adira and the surviving members of her crew. Surrounded by a quiet world of blue grass, and purple skies, danger lurks within the beauty. Without contact to Earth and light-years from home, they encounter a treacherous enemy that threatens to destroy them from the inside out.

Wahl, a #1 Wattpad featured horror author draws you in and holds you close. The nightmares have only just begun.

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Purple Haze was featured on the Tales To Terrify podcast! Narrated by Dr. Amy H. Sturgis, click on the logo to listen.