It’s dog versus the undead in this harrowing and heart-rending story. Set in the world of Disease, the feint of heart need not proceed.

ln just a few short weeks Maximutt’s world has fallen apart and there is little left of what the dog once knew and loved. His family is gone and shambling corpses roam the streets, consuming everything in their wake, including hope. Trapped inside the house he once called a home, it will soon become a coffin if he does not escape. Despite this, he only wishes to hear the voices of family, of his children, once again, knowing when he does he will stop at nothing to keep them safe. Despite the horrors he faces, Maximutt will prove there is still love and valor in this world; so pure it hurts. Maximutt drags us kicking and screaming back into the world of Disease. It is a dark and deadly place where many meet a death not nearly as fast as they wish it could be. Here, not even the strong survive.

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