What are they saying about my debut novel DISEASE soon be  release by Stitched Smile Publications? Find out here!



Disease is the kind of book that I would show to someone when they ask why I like to read horror” – HORRORADDICTS.NET


5 out of 5


It’s the few titles that find a perfect balance of gore, characters, setting, and plot… DISEASE is one of those select few.” – THE GEEKDOM OF GORE


5 out of 5

Top notch… Disease drew me in and held me captaive.” – DORMAINE G. OF MADAME LILLY, VOODOO PRISTESS


4 out of 5

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Wahl has created a story that is part Dr. Sleep meets The Walking Dead meets The Following… this is a story of survival chock full of colorful characters and plenty of brain-splitting action.”  THE BOOKIE MONSTER

*Please note, the reviewer for The Bookie Monster received an ARC (advanced reading copy) of DISEASE. Due to a miscommunication the reviewer thought the ARC was the published version and makes mentions of editing and proofreading errors in his review. These mistakes are not present in the published version of DISEASE. The reviewer has since noted this mistake at the end of the review, but it is still worth mentioning here.

4 out of 5


(DISEASE) is well written, interesting and paced in a way that will get you wondering what happens next.” – CASEY DOUGLASS OF DARK DISTRACTIONS