What reviewers have to say about M.F. Wahl's debut novel Disease

What’s being said about my #1 Wattpad Featured horror novel, DISEASE?

“Disease is the kind of book that I would show to someone when they ask why I like to read horror” – HORRORADDICTS.NET

“It’s the few titles that find a perfect balance of gore, characters, setting, and plot… DISEASE is one of those select few.” – THE GEEKDOM OF GORE

“Top notch… Disease drew me in and held me captaive.” – DORMAINE G. OF MADAME LILLY, VOODOO PRISTESS

“Wahl has created a story that is part Dr. Sleep meets The Walking Dead meets The Following… this is a story of survival chock full of colorful characters and plenty of brain-splitting action.”  – THE BOOKIE MONSTER

“(DISEASE) is well written, interesting and paced in a way that will get you wondering what happens next.” – CASEY DOUGLASS OF DARK DISTRACTIONS

To be released by Stitched Smile Publications March 8th, 2018!

Excited? I am too.