EXCLUSIVE: Q&A With Stitched Smile Publications CEO Lisa Vasquez

February is Women in Horror Month, and I wanted to share something of a personal nature. Yes, I’m a “woman in horror,” but that’s not it. While most of the attention is paid to those in front of the camera (whether on screen or the back of a book jacket), those behind the curtain are often overlooked, especially in the literary world.

As an author I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Lisa Vasquez, CEO of Stitched Smile Publications, as she runs her business. Since her company picked my novel up for publication, I’ve had a chance to get to know her and her company. She’s an exceptional example of the many women who work endlessly to bring horror to the masses. Continue reading

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bloodskullI know it’s been quiet for a while over here, but that’s been because I’ve been working on lots of big, bad things just for you. As such, I have lots of great news to share with you!

Firstly, as you may know already, Diseasewas picked up by publisher Stitched Smile Publications. Stitched Smile is well known in the horror community as a purveyor of fine horror writing. I’m both honored and excited to be a part of their team, where I’m now a “VIP” author.

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Good news everyone!

My previously self-published novel DISEASE has been picked up by Stitched Smile Publications and will be re-released next year.

You’ll soon see a lot of changes around these parts, as I’ve found a home and I’m coming in from the cold. Stay tuned for more info.



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