HorrorAddicts.net reviews The End Is All We See

HorrorAddicts.net reviews The End Is All We See https://horroraddicts.wordpress.com/2017/06/15/davids-haunted-library-the-end-is-all-we-see/

I couldn’t be more pleased with the recent review by David Watson over on HorrorAddicts.net! There is nothing better than knowing someone enjoyed reading something I wrote. It’s the entire reason I do this. That and all glare of the paparazzi camera and stacks of dolla-dolla bills. (At least one of those statements is true). Continue reading

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Sending out my work is always a nerve wracking experience. You never know how a reviewer will respond to the material, or even what kind of mood they’ll be in when they pick up the book. The best that can be hoped for is an honest and straightforward critique of the work.

halogo2014Recently DISEASE was reviewed over at HorrorAddicts.net. This is a site created by horror fans, for horror fans, and it’s dedicated to all that goes bump in the night. As you can imagine they get lots of horror related material over there, and DISEASE was just one of many sitting in a pile that increased daily. That’s why when reviewer David Watson told me that he loved my book, I was so excited and happy.

Among the many wonderful things that David had to say about DISEASE he wrote:

Disease is the kind of book that I would show to someone when they ask why I like to read horror.”

What a wonderful compliment.

If you’d like to read the entire review, you can find it HERE


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