Dark Hall Press Reviews The End Is All We See

It’s always nerve wracking to send a book out for review. As a reviewer myself, I’m keenly aware of the critical eyes that search out flaws in writing like a pig sniffs truffles. This is the way it should be. My writing has already been though the sniff test on my end… but sending it out to be tested by someone another’s truffle sniffer inevitably has me biting my nails.

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DISEASE invades libraries!

I’m happy to announce that those of you who live in Halifax, Nova Scotia will soon be able to check out a copy of my novel DISEASE from your local library! How cool is that? Super cool.

I’m a huge fan of libraries, I practically grew up my hometown’s local library. There’s no better vision of society’s greatness than a vast and varied collection of literature offered to the public for free. Well, okay, not FREE, FREE, because our taxes pay for it, but what a great investment for the taxpayer. Not to get all political, but I think local libraries are an amazing public service.
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