A few nights ago I was a guest on a podcast for the first time in about two years. When I originally released Disease I did a slew of them, but since then I’ve avoided guesting on one like the plague. To be perfectly honest, it’s not like anyone was beating down my door to have me on their show anyway, but I still wasn’t keen to get in the recording seat.

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BOOK REVIEW: Nod by Adrian Barnes

I wrote and published this blog post for Dread Central. 
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Written by Adrian Barnes

Published by Titan Books

NodSet in present day Vancouver, Nod by Adrian Barnes throws us into an apocalyptic world set upon by a global insomniac event. The story is told through the eyes of an author, Paul, an introverted misanthrope, who is one of a precious few “Sleepers”—those who remain unaffected by the mysterious plague of non-sleep.

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