A few nights ago I was a guest on a podcast for the first time in about two years. When I originally released Disease I did a slew of them, but since then I’ve avoided guesting on one like the plague. To be perfectly honest, it’s not like anyone was beating down my door to have me on their show anyway, but I still wasn’t keen to get in the recording seat.

This self-imposed (and otherwise) break of podcast recordage came to a end the other night with the Know Fear Cast. I’ve known one of the hosts, Lisa, for little while. We were part of the same writers group, and both being moms to two young boys, we have a lot in common. We’ve exchanged friendly emails and beta-read (i.e. – torn apart) each others work, and through that I came to respect her as a person and a writer.

When I discovered Lisa was the host of a podcast I figured I’d give it a listen, and much to my happiness, I enjoyed it. The Know Fear Cast is my kind of show. It’s literary horror-factual (a term I just now made up), and what that means is they take the a horror premise, say ghosts, or the apocalypse, and delve into it’s examples in fiction and why it scares us.

Of course, when I got the chance to be a guest on the podcast I jumped at it. Anyone who know me, knows I’m a big nerd, and talking about the greater themes and realities present in horror fiction is right up my alley. They were wrapping up their series of about post-apocalyptic fiction, felt I would be able to slide right in. After all, one can’t write a zombie book without being well versed in the apocalypse.

Lisa, and the other hosts, Matt, and Mel, were great sports, and they really allowed me free reign to ramble on about my apocalyptic musings. I hope you’ll take a listen. We chat about my books, my influences, and why we feel apocalyptic fiction is so popular right now.

Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or right here!

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