GUEST BLOG: The Gender Gap Overcorrection

I did a guest post over on Jack Wallen‘s blog for Women in Horror Month. Here’s a small preview, head on over there to read the rest.


I’ve been a horror writer for nearly fifteen years. First as part of the film industry, in a screenwriting capacity, and about four years ago transitioning to fiction. In that time I’ve made some great decisions, and some not so great decisions,(I’m not the craziest about this sentence…not smooth to read) and I’ve busted my butt to continually improve upon my craft and get where I am today.

If you told me that you didn’t want to read my work based my gender, I’d tell you to get the fuck out of town, and I would be right for saying that. I may only have been a writer for one and a half decades, but I’ve been a female my entire life. I’ve had that type of blatant sexism directed toward me more times than I can count, but that’s not what I’ve really come here to discuss.


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