caseydouglasslogoMy novel DISEASE was a labor of love. The uncountable cups of coffee that slowly rotted though my gut and the eyes so dry they could bleed, were but a petty price to pay for building my love one syllable at a time.

It’s always nerve-wracking to send my work out into the world. Especially when I’ve put in so many hours pounding away at the laptop, and taken so much time away from my family to create it. Once DISEASE was sent out for review I had to let it go, sit back, and slowly ration the confidence I had bottled during the creation process.

Of course, as the weeks and months tick by (the review process is a long one) the confidence in that bottle begins to dwindle. The saying goes that “no word is good word” but the steady hum of crickets in my e-mail box can often feel like it’s own form of torture.

When that e-mail from a reviewer finally hits my inbox at  3am my stomach tightens, and my breath quickens. My mouse hovers over the link, and for a small moment my I hover in Schrodinger’s world: the review is both horrible, like a disemboweling stab to the gut, and adoring, like screaming fans at a pop-star’s feet.

Today I’m pleased to announce that I braved the unknown and clicked the e-mail from Casey Douglass of Dark Distractions, horror writer and reviewer. Much to my relief I was not struck down, sliced at the knees with a knife, nor clubbed to death by his review. A whopping 4 out of 5, and a big smile on my face.

Here’s a little taste of the review for you: “It (DISEASE) is well written, interesting and paced in a way that will get you wondering what happens next.”

I’m sure you’ll want to read the entire review, so check it out on Casey’s blog.

Happy reading friends!

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