Disease is #1 on Wattpad in Featured Horror!

Disease by M.F. Wahl is a #1 Wattpad featured horror book

It’s like a dream come true. Back in November I threw Disease up on Wattpad. I figured I had nothing to lose, but lots of readers to gain. Back then I never imagined that it would quickly become a featured novel, and that after that I’d be watching it skyrocket in the ranks. Today I’m please to announce, nay, estatic to announce, Disease is now #1 on Wattpad Featured Horror!

Check out this screenshot from my laptop.

Disease by M.F. Wahl - #1 in Wattpad Featured HorrorThat’s Disease right there, in the number one spot. I’ve been watching it fight for space in the top three for a few days now, holding breath and hoping it wouldn’t drop back down. I couldn’t be more happy to see this happen.

This is really pretty amazing!  I think it’s time to crack open the champagne.




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