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I currently reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I’m a proud dual citizen of Canada and the United States. Before Halifax I lived in Toronto, ON for over 13 years. I also lived in NYC for a short period of time, but I grew up in the small border town of Youngstown, NY (about 40 minutes outside of Buffalo, NY).

Even as a young child I loved reading, and writing, especially stories that involved the more macabre and mysterious aspects of life.  I remember some of the first horror books I ever read were those of R.L. Stein. I emulated to write books just like the ones I read at the time.

At the age of 10, in a “creative” writing class I was pulled aside by my teacher and told very firmly to stop writing stories that were “so gory”.  While other children were authoring works about Arnold Schwarzenegger swooping through windows to save their lives, I was spinning tales about trunk loads of glowing human skulls and amulets that possessed their owners.

I quickly ate through my local library’s entire sections on the paranormal, true crime, serial killers, magic, and hypnosis. By the age of 11, I had graduated to reading “IT” by Stephen King, hidden in my school desk (much to the dismay of one math teacher who wrote home that I “read too much!”). I would write long winding novels about shapeshifters and fantasy worlds, slowly honing my skills.

I also spent countless hours watching films my parents didn’t want me to see:  “Gremlins” (still one of my favorite Christmas movies), “Critters”, “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”, and a slew of other awful movies and cult classics.  I got my first taste of the undead at an impressionable age with George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”, and solidified my love of horror with movies like “Alien”, “The Shining”, “The Exorcist”, and “Jaws”. I also whet my appetite with non-horror movies such as The Dark Crystal, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Terminator, and everybody’s favorite: Die Hard.

The older I got, and the more I learned about the art of writing, the more I knew writing was my only true path. Now I funnel my creative energies into penning short stories, and novels. I work hard and love what I do.